NEW IONIC™® is an ecologically-friendly system for treating fluids based on the passing of water through a calibrated magnetic field. 

Water, in passing through the NEW IONIC™®  magnetic field, absorbs an induced electrical field that increases the energetic level of its subatomic particles, this leads to a modification of the physical structure of the water by affecting its molecules and the elements dissolved in it. 

This kinetic treatment generates: 

• a reduction in the surface tension of the water,

• a modification of its physical structure,

• a reduction in the binding energy of its atoms.

 This kinetic action is indispensable in order to reach the high level of treatment proposed by NEW IONIC™®.


The  field NEW IONIC™® is generated by magnetic ceramics that operate without power.

The action of this field remains constant over time.


The NEW IONIC™® treatment is strictly ecological as it does not change the chemical characteristics of the water. This ensures undisputable health benefits. 

With NEW IONIC™® it is possible to do away with using chemical products in order to resolve scaling problems and bacterial growth in the piping circuits, with exceptional results and at a lower cost. 

NEW IONIC™® is recognized by the Ministry of Health and the latest European laws governing the physical treatment of drinking water.



Prevention of scaling build-up

NEW IONIC™® magnetic field generates a reaction that acts on the crystalline morphology of calcium molecules, transforming the calcium carbonate (Ca CO3) into a soft, powdery, precipitate, like talcum powder, called ‘aragonite’. 

In this new form, which is 30 to 40 times smaller, the Ca CO3 loses its aggregation power and is easily carried away by the flow of water in the pipes. 

Important: the  NEW IONIC™®  magnetic field reduces the surface tension of the water, thus making it even easier to counter the crystallization of suspended calcium molecules.



Elimination of « in situ » fouling

The fouling removal power is attributed to the increased water solubility treated with the magnetic field of NEW IONIC™®  and to the consequent breakage of hydrogen bonds.

 The increase of the solvent power can also explain the detachment of the biofilm, this phenomenon leads to an improvement of the hygienic characteristics and a reduction of microbial proliferation.



Elimination of biofilm

Introduction: Porous calcium deposits are an ideal home for bacteria, which can continue to grow in the holes in such incrustations and, therefore, remain hidden from different chemical treatments or changes in temperature. 

Primarily through its intensity but also its calibration frequency, the NEW IONIC™® field changes the atomic structure in the dissolved materials, thus reducing the surface tension of the water.

Certain electrons are released from their chain and most commonly attach to molecules containing oxygen, thus creating free radicals which, while only existing for a very short time, have the power to destroy organic molecules: the algae, fungi and bacteria, no longer having a habitat in which to proliferate, die.  

This action, once all deposits are eliminated, will then reach clusters* that, attached to the pipe walls, form the biofilm.

These bacterial colonies are, as a result, no longer protected and are progressively eliminated by the magnetic field.


NEW IONIC™® CATALYZER TREATING FUEL (Hydrocarbon and bio)   


The NEW IONIC™®  CATALYZER Catalyzer uses a magnetizing system to improve combustion, reduce consumption and the release of pollution into the atmosphere.

Its magnetic fields are produced from quality materials that result from leading-edge technology, its power not reducing over time. 

The NEW IONIC™®  ™® magnetic field has the capacity to recover intra-molecular bonding energy in the fuel and transform it into useful energy, thus generating an increase in the related calorific power in the fuel.

This recovery of energy is possible because the intensity and frequency of this field are adapted according to the nature of the fuel used, giving rise to: 

•      a strong ionisation (acceleration of the atomic masses) and 

•      a weakening of the ‘hydrogen bonds’ (linking forces) generating an increase in inter-atomic distances between the hydrogens and the carbons, 

•      the fuel, in this new structure, is predisposed to produce a more complete combustion that is capable of attaining values close to that of perfect stoichiometry.


The NEW IONIC™® CATALYZER adapts to each different type of fuel: diesel, gas, petrol, bio-diesel and heavy fuel.

The NEW IONIC™® CATALYZER adapts to any installation position: vertical, horizontal or oblique installation and is not affected by high-tension lines. 

The magnetic effect of the  NEW IONIC™®  CATALYZER complies with EC standards, ceases at a distance of approximately 5 cm from the device and does not present any danger to electronic devices at a distance of more than 10 cm.

 The devices are built of stainless steel, tested to a pressure of 5 or 10 bars, depending on the series, and at temperatures of 45°C or 80°C (custom devices for higher temperatures and pressures can be ordered).